Woodpecker DTE-D7 LED scaler

Woodpecker DTE-D7 LED scaler

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Woodpecker DTE-D7 LED Scaler:

The Woodpecker DTE-D7 LED is a Satelec and NSK compatible piezo scaler. The unit will remove all dental calculus and bacterial plaque without damaging the gum area and simply fits to the current water supply of your choice. The package comes with 2 handpieces, 8 tips (scaling, perio and endo) torque wrench and foot control.


  • Scaling, endodontic and periodontic use Features automatic frequency tracking which ensure the machine is always working on the most efficient frequency for optimum performance
  • Optical handpiece is detachable and is autoclavable to 135° max
  • Simple display
  • FDA, NSF and CE certificated
  • 8 scaler tips included: GD1, GD4, GD5, GD6, PD1, PD3, PD4d, ED1


  • Power Input: AC220v - 240v @ 50Hz /60Hz 1.2A max
  • Main unit input: 30v @ 50Hz / 60Hz 1.3A
  • Output power: 3w - 20w
  • Tip oscillation frequency: 28KHz ±3KHz
  • Water pressure: 0.01 MPa - 0.5MPa
  • Size: 237mm x 206mm x 95mm
£550.00 £295.00