NSK Ti-Max Z95L
NSK Ti-Max Z95L
NSK Ti-Max Z95L

NSK Ti-Max Z95L

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NSK Ti-Max Z95L – NSK Ti Max Z series slow speed handpiece with Quattro or Single Spray. 1:5 Speed increasing handpiece.
LED optics with a small head and body to give superior visibility and better access.
Duracoat body makes them extremely durable
Amazingly quiet operation with excellent ergonomic shape.

Spray air contributes significantly to spray mist in dental handpieces. Speed Increasing handpieces produce less aerosols compared to turbines. To reduce aerosols further, the Ti-Max Z95L has now been fitted with an innovative feature that allows you to switch between a traditional water/air mix and a water jet only. This feature is unique to NSK on Ti-Max Z95L & Z45L models. Turning off the spray couldn’t be easier, just twist the switch.
3 year warranty
1:5 Speed increrasing
Quattro spray or single spray
200,000 rpm max
FG burs
Optic  MODEL: Z95L   ORDER CODE: C1034001


Gear Ratio 1:5 Increasing
For FG burs (Ø1.6)
Head Size H13.4 x Ø8.9
Water Spray Quattro Spray
Body Material Titanium
Body Coating DURAGRIP
Max Speed 200,000 min-1


DLC Coating / Anti Heat System / Cellular Glass Optics / Ceramic Bearings / Clean Head System / Push Button Chuck / Microfilter / Exceptional Durability