Kavo Rondoflex Plus 360

Kavo Rondoflex Plus 360

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Kavo Rondoflex Plus 360

Kavo Rondoflex Air Abrasion System

The Air-Abrasion-System with additional water supply and reduced powder contamination. The powerful and gentle method.

Defined powder particles are accelerated to high speed (20 m/sec) in an air stream. When these particles strike the area to be processed, tooth substance is removed accurately through kinetic energy.

KaVo RONDOflex plus -strong. clean. efficient.

KaVo RONDOflex – With additional water supply

  • Reduced powder contamination
  • Substantially smaller debris radius
  • More easily removable corundum particles
  • More convenient treatment

KaVo RONDOflex plus – Indications

  • Minimally invasive cavity preparation.
  • Opening and expansion of fissures – occlusal and buccal.
  • Removal of deep discolourations in the dental enamel.
  • Roughening of the adhesive surfaces of crowns, bridges, brackets and pins.
  • Removal of cement residues from crowns, bridges and brackets.


Surface of the cavity under 500 x magnification. The surface structure is roughened uniformly over the entire cavity.


1 x  RONDOflex plus 360 (1.002.2179),-mounted with: Cannula 110°: / 0.6 mm (1.002.6251) Powder container for 50µm (1.003.1236)

1 x Cannula 110°: 0.46 mm (1.002.9176) 1 x Key for fixing the cannula (1.002.6250) 1 x Powder container for 27µm (1.003.1235)  2 x Powder container cover (1.000.2678)

1 x Cleaning drill (0.573.0321) 1x Nozzle pin (0.573.6052) 1 x Abrasive powder 27 μm – 75 g (1.003.1235) 1 x Abrasive powder 50 μm – 75 g (1.003.1236)