Kavo MASTERtorque LUX M9000L Turbine Handpiece - Optic

Kavo MASTERtorque LUX M9000L Turbine Handpiece - Optic

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The MASTERtorque LUX M9000 Turbine series has rapid stop for safety. The new Direct Stop Technology (DST) reduces the stopping time of KaVo’s dental turbine MASTERtorque by approx. 60 % and stops in only one second. Best conditions for completely safe and relaxed work. Through its combination of 20 % more power, less weight and the innovative Direct Stop Safety Technology, KaVo’s MASTERtorque is a real alternative to high-speed instruments.

All MASTER  series Kavo handpieces come with a free 2 year manufacturer warranty.


Kavo MASTERtorque M9000L Fibre Optic Turbine

Push button chuck.

4 Hole spray -gives excellent visibility.

Compact head (H 13.1mm – Diameter 12.5mm).

Ceramic ball bearings.

Powerful – 23 watts

Very quiet – 57 dB

Direct Stop Technology:  Bur stops in 1 second.

Thermo-disinfector proof.

Fits Kavo Multiflex coupling. Also available to fit Sirona coupling.

2 Year warranty.