Cattani Micro Smart Suction Unit
Cattani Micro Smart Suction Unit
Cattani Micro Smart Suction Unit

Cattani Micro Smart Suction Unit

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The Micro Smart Suction Unit has proven itself to be the most flexible, reliable and powerful single surgery, variable speed suction system available.


- Microprocessor with advanced technology

- Multi-functional information keypad with self diagnostics and remote use

- Multi-level power control option

- Patented self-cleaning Hydro-cyclone amalgam separator, without need of an external water supply

- Air water separator with reduced maintenance requirements

- Patented thermostatic temperature control prevents overheating

- Durable and reliable industrial Cattani Uni-Jet 40 vacuum motor

- Corrosion resistant frame

- System supplied pre-wired, pre-programmed and completely assembled for simple installation

- Easy to access components, that require less maintenance

- Optional bacteria and mercury filter to minimise cross-contamination

- Compact size for easy placement in a surgery cabinet


• Voltage 230V 50Hz
• Rated Current 6.3A
• Rated kW 1.12kW
• Variable suction control Minimum: 100 l/min
• Maximum: 900 l/min
• Maximum negative pressure 210 mbar
• Maximum Distance from chair 8 metres
• Operating environment +5°C - +35°C
• Dimensions: H595 mm D345 mm W375mm
• Weight: 23kg
• ISO-18 Amalgam retention system 98.9% retention rate at maximum flow of 5.5 l/min 99.6% retention rate at minimum flow of 0.5 l/min
£2,830.00 £2,450.00