Bonart P3 Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

Bonart P3 Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

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The Bonart P3 is the Piezo version of the hugely popular M3 scaling unit manufactured by Bonart

The ART-P3II is a stand-alone piezo ultrasonic scaler that features 3 modes of operation: Scaling, perio, and endo.

The ART-P3II provides precise control and ease of use as it locks-in the frequency of installed tips for optimal performance.
While larger than the ART-P6, the P3 has a built in LCD screen for displaying power settings and modes. Power and water flow are adjusted through knobs located on the front of the scaler.
Includes Satalec style handpiece and 1 tips (2 x universal, 1 x flat, 1 x slim)

£395.00 £345.00