Alvaley Wet Amalgam Separator - Size Two

Alvaley Wet Amalgam Separator - Size Two

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Alvaley Amalgam separators offer a simple cost effective solution in order to comply with regulations. There are various models deisnged to fit most sucton systems. The size two model is designed to operate with a central suction system for 2 or 3 surgeries. The Alvaley Separator works by a sedimentary and filtration process effectively removing up to 96.6% of amalgam particulates from your waste water stream. Only water that has been filtered can pass through the outlet. It can also be used on pumped waste and gravity drains.


- Not Electrical (no power required)

- No Running Costs

- No Maintenance

- No Servicing

- No Noise (Silent operation)

- No Rotors, Collector Cups or Buffers

- No Hidden Costs

- No Surgery Downtime

- Up to 2 1/2 years usage without needing to be recycled

- Easy Fit

- Self-Installation kit included


• Dimensions: 450 mm x 250 mm
• Total volume: 6.5 litres